Monday 19 November 2012

Airplane Mode saves battery life

Admittedly it is obvious that always having Airplane Mode turned on will save Smartphone battery life. But we're going to teach you another trick in this article that will use aeroplane mode in a very clever way to get the most juice from your Smartphone battery.
What is the link between Airplane Mode and Signal strength?
Firstly you have to understand how a mobile phone decides which tower to choose to use for signal. It's not necessarily the closest tower but the one with the strongest signal. When you move from one area to another, generally your phone will automatically switch to another tower as the signal/connection to the current tower degrades. While on the move this presents no problems as you'll soon be moving to another location. 
However when you reach home or work your smartphone won't automatically connect to a stronger signal tower, it will remain with the last mobile tower connected to until such a teas the signal degrades and it has to switch to keep mobile reception. 
It's at this stage that you can use Airplane Mode on/off, when the radio turns back on it will search for the strongest signal and will now connect to the Tower with superior signal and your battery wont be consumed by fighting for reception.

Why does a Stronger signal improve battery life?
 The better your signal, the less power is consumed for ALL radio operations (Including Cell Standby, Data, and Voice)! When the signal is weak, the radio requires more power to transmit to the receiver (the tower), which translates to higher battery use. Remember to just use Airlane mode to boost that signal until such a time as you need to go here for eneloop batteries to replace your current one.

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