Friday 2 November 2012

iLogic Hero-Logical IPad game

iLogic CrimesWe love the fact that IPad games can vary so much in the experiences that they can give you; from quick 'pop a bubble' type blasts to epic Fantasies. But every once in a while comes along an innovation, so knew that it becomes genre defining. Other platforms have seen the like with GTA spearheading Sandbox gaming and novelties like 'Doom' going where no other game had dated tread before. iLogic Hero is not the forerunner of multi story analysis games, possibly Marion's other game iLogic Crimes has the right to that accolade. And perhaps one can even argue that essentially being a very Cluedo type game that this logical story driven puzzle is not a new genre at all.
If you've read this far in the IPad review you'll be here for a few reasons,one reason is that I hope you'd like to find out how good iLogic Hero is and the second reason is if you're looking for a viable alternative to the surplus of 'hidden object games' on IOS masquerading as puzzle games. 2 Points for you: If you love Cluedo (or previous game iLogic Crimes) or if you fancy putting your logical Sherlock Holmes sleuthing skills to the test ; than you'll love iLogic Hero.

Set in a fantasy medieval world that is more Hans Christian Anderson than Grimm Brothers the light tone and PG friendly skill of the Hero in question( he can speak to animals) bely a deep game of deduction. As each game progresses the depth of puzzling here astounds. With the basic idea of 'if that creature likes that and was there at that time, but isn't of that type , then the only LOGICAL SOLUTION must be creature X' an immense brain straining deductive line must be followed to ascertain who can help you find a missing princess.
Not only will each sequence play out with you finding witnesses, but other deduction sequences will follow from that with you needing to select for example the best trackers or assistants to help find the princess.
The robust game engine allows for wonderful variety with each game playing out slightly differently and multiple story endings.
The studio has taken an interesting direction by having a young protagonist and light tone. Of course this fits with the 'talking animal inquisition' that you will be doing, but for those expecting dark and sinister plots from a set up that could quite easily derive from a medieval lost princess story, you might find cute talking animals and young prince/detectives unpalatable.
If you don't expect Gothic Medieval Noir and want a taste of genre defining deductive puzzling on IPad we strongly suggest trying iLogic Hero.

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