Sunday 4 November 2012

SongPop : Free Music App

        Are you a music fanatic or at least used to be one? Do you want to put your knowledge of songs against a friend's inner library. If that's not you, know that many are. SongPop is one of the top apps on Google Play in different categories; Top Free (57), Top Paid (66), and Top Grossing (96) as of 10/31/12. No end depth information is required, just the ability to recognize the song, it's title and artist.  A category is chosen by the player issueing the challenge. Some examples of categories include Country, Rap, Love Songs, 80's Rock, 90's Alternative, Classic Rock, Pop, and Today's Hits. Once the challenger finishes his or her turn, then they start the next match by choosing a category. A category is either a genre, and or the decade the songs were in.  Your scores are based upon the correct answer, and if correct it's based on the time it took you guess it. If you're 2nd player, you get to see what the opponent chose as an answer during each song when the time they took to make that guess has elapsed. What it doesn't tell you is whether or not that person got it right, so copy at your own risk. The biggest factor in getting points is how many you got in a row. Consecutive answers give you a huge bonus. For example, if you got every answer correct, let's say 3 but your opponent got 3 in a row and took a little longer to answer, that opponent would still have a much greater chance to defeat you(almost guaranteed).

Use Facebook to find opponent and send challenges to them. Once a person is on your list of challenges, you just have to wait until they take a turn. If they don't ever take a turn, then I think they just stay on your list. I haven't done must research and can't figure out how to manage the list. Sometimes a "remove" pops up next to their name. The game has to run incredibly smooth to be accurate to at least 1/10ths of a second to judge who choose what and to distribute points correctly. Each week the counters start over. You keep your points though. Win and you get a small amount of gold coin(s). They can be used to unlock new categories and some advantages.You'll get a notification when a challenge has been answered or sent by someone else.

The app has selections from so many types of songs. It's variety reminds me of Band Hero. (Band Hero is a spinoff of Guitar Hero and had commercials with Taylor Swift). I also loved Band Hero. The questions from SongPop don't suffer from the same problems as Scene It. The songs can be up to date. Some of the older songs I don't recognize or don't know who sings them, but their artists' names usually sound familiar(probably legendary classic artists).  There is a little problem with the game though depending on how you see it. Many of the categories don't have a lot of songs in them, so if I keep playing, there are bound to be repeats and I can pick the answer even before the song is even distinguishable to the other player. This can be fair if both players have about the same amount of experience(Star Level) in that category. In a way it also rewards players for being experienced players of the app. In my opinion, there's a better then 1/4th chance that the most popular artist is the answer. And some artists are more likely than others to show up so once you see their names and know this, you can pick it extremely fast. Tip:Some song snippets have their song titles said in them, so if you don't know the song and you wait you might get to hear the answer.

There is a FREE version and a paid version. The paid one doesn't have ads. After each match, players are shown a song/album cover to each song and their artist, title, and have the option of purchasing that song for 99 cents. I'll just tag a bunch of artists in the labels section. With the app I was able to find out a song that I kept forgetting to look up. That song was in movies a lot and didn't have lyrics played. It's called "Bittersweet Symphony". Maybe it can help you find songs too. I also appreciate the app because it forced me to pay more attention to other genres and at the same time educate me on some of the main singers/artists/bands/song titles of those genres. Sometimes I've heard of the name or song, but haven't connected the two yet. I'm still around 2 stars for most of the categories, so I don't know how many more genre's and songs the app will have.

Have Fun!

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