Sunday 11 November 2012

JumpBox- Introducing young gamers to jumping games

Jump Box a true "gateway" app
Can we describe an app as a gateway app?  Just like their counterparts in the seedier world of narcotics a gateway app introduces a new generation-luckily in the case of apps to much more innocent pleasure.
Doodle Jump; Mega Jump and so on the list of jumping games is near infinite-for an adult app gamer that's great;  but for the kids hanging over dad or mom's shoulder it can be quite frustrating that a superficially simple game type can be so frustratingly difficult.
JumpBox is a younger gamers gateway to jumping games. The premise is very simple;  an attractively drawn box must jump to escape the box junkyard. Moving platforms present some challenge but importantly there are no enemies or vicious obstacles.
That's why Box Junkyard is a perfect gateway app to show young gamers the fun that can be had with games sans frustration.

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