Sunday 11 November 2012

AAA Bail Bonds App

These days there apps for just about anything. Introducing AAA Bail Bonds App. 

"AAA Bonding is the best bonding agency in Chattanooga." 
                                                                                   -Google Play description

The smartphone application has many buttons that acts like shortcuts in a time of need. There is even a panic button for when you are getting arrested (assuming you have time and your phone is nearby). The artwork is neat so you aren't just dealing with some simple drawings. You may also call Veteran's hope or get directions to the nearest AAA Bond location. 
The App is FREE and can be downloaded from Google Play for Android devices and iTunes for iOS. The actual full name of the app is AAA Bail Bonds Chattanooga TN. I'm guessing this app is more helpful for those who live in the area of Chattonooga (city) and/or Tennessee (state).

Use the app to quickly access a database to find out individuals who are wanted by AAA Bail Bonds. At the time of this writing, there are a couple reward for tips anonymously. Rewards were $250 and $500. You may also use the apps camera feature to take a photo of someone you suspect is a wanted person. 

It's one of the first apps of it's kind as far as I can tell. You can visit AAA bond's website at They seem to have a good reputation with good reviews. Not all of the buttons work. For example the Mugshots, Booking Reports and Youtube buttons don't yet work. However, I believe these buttons will increase in functionality as time passes. It's still a fairly new app. From the website, you can also see who else are wanted in other areas. The site has a link to the FRN (Fugitive Recovery Network) which are used by many bail bonds agencies. That site connects you to a bunch of other agencies and has a multistate most wanted list.

Stay Safe. Let's hope you don't have to use this app, but know that it's there. 

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