Wednesday 21 November 2012

Movi Kanti Revo-is this Guitar Heroes Future?

When Kinect first emerged it was hailed as a revolution in gaming, but over time it still remains a poor sideshow to conventional gaming. Google is attempting to create another game kinaesthesology revolution. Could this be the way to play Guitar Hero in the future, or even the mobile phone led way to learn how to play a real guitar and other haptic exercises? They promise that you will be able to Control a browser with your eyes and wave your hands in the air to play a smartphone based web brower game.

Google's new project if it goes ahead will have big repercussions for any budding musicians and indeed for any other gamers and gadget users in the future. Can you imagine playing a guitar by strumming invisible chords, or upping the bass by waving your hand in front of your phone's screen. You certainly won't be limited by the touchscreen if your're able to control your device via voice, gestures and more.

Indeed looking very far ahead and beyond the remit of learning a new instrument or becoming a proficient guitar hero player you could even imagine that creative geniuses could even take this new technology and make whole new musical instruments out of it.

This new technology is of course being experimented on by Google and strangely enough Cirque du Soleil are also lending a hand (remember their involvement in marketing the kinect?)
Touted as a brand new way to control smartphones the Google technology will eventually make it's way into all forms of internet connected devices.
The project is Movi Kanti Revo, which just won an award from, and it’s an experiment in how to build and control native web pages and apps in news ways — for example, by accessing your device’s camera and allowing you to point your way through the interactive experience by tilting your head. In a way the experiment mimics the Myst-alikes of the past as it seeks to create full-motion photorealistic environments that play out in front of you like an interactive movie and more importantly no video code is included.
Movi Kanti Revo is part of Chrome Experiments which has been noted for bringing us full blown Google Navigation in the past. All the technology runs on your device itself and is being heavily plugged for Smartphones because of all the various ways that these devices have to interact with a user. Definitely a new way to interact with the gold tone guitars of the future!
That's why in our humble opinion this Chrome experiment could be used to change the way we use guitars and other musical instruments, and of course all the other benefits coming from it.

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