Monday 19 November 2012

Clash of Clans Seasonal Update

Christmas is upon us and Supercell has given us an early present in the form of a Clash of Clans Christmas update. It doesn't bring us as major changes as previous Clans updates but with the self-styled best snow effects and a festive feel to troops and village inhabitants a lot of graphical makeovers have been made to the game.

Using the new Boost in Clash of Clans
One of the biggest changes in the Winter update,is the new boost in the training house, and a few other buildings, this barracks boost costs a few gems and enables you to speed up troop training by  to four times.

Another feature that actually came out before this update is that due to a poll on the Facebook fan page troops in camps are now no longer destroyed if the camp is. A great benefit if you've saved upfor ten  expensive PEKKAS that you would've lost to enemy action before.

Also watch out for the new rare Christmas Tree in Clash of Clans,we've yet to find out what the reward is for removing the tree but we're sure it must be something special.
Fears that the new snow effect creates lag seem unfounded but if it proves to be a problem then we're sure that yet another seasonal change might change it. With anther little bit if controversy in this latest version is the new Santa Spell which seems to be overpowered.

(To answer a previous question about destroying the Clan Castle: Troops inside the CC won't be killed but won't emerge from the castle)

New Matchmaking: this is probably one of the bigges changes yet and reports are varied as to whether it has killed off low level farming or if the changed atchmaking to match trophies and town hall levels is a good thing in the way of improved speed and balancing.

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  1. After the Android update came out and Clash of Clans became playable on Android devices playing it all the time :D

    Thanks for sharing!

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