Friday 16 November 2012

Proverbic: Learn Some Proverbs

    Lately I've been noticing proverbs being used as decorations in new homes. Some proverbs said by old wise elders in movies just catch your attention. Sometimes you may get tested to know the meaning of proverbs in classes when they have been used in books. Proverbs have always been cool and it's difficult for me to imagine life without them. Whatever your reason(s), the Android FREE app Proverbic is here to help you. 

       I admit some proverbs may be generic, kinda like fortune cookies and psychic readings. Others will be useful words of wisdom that may apply to life lessons, sometimes right away, sometimes not so. If you feel like reading some deep thoughtful observations, open up Proverbic and blow your mind. I'm sure it won't take long before you go "Oh yeah. That is true." There will also most likely be a few that will seem like a joke you have already heard so it will be less entertaining.  When that happens, move on. (my own words of wisdom).

    The app is user friendly, neat, smooth, and has a few neat features. Share or save a phrase as a favorite. It's hard to understand a proverb if you don't know what it means and nobody explains it to you right? Well, the app has a "meaning" button to give you the definition of the current phrase. There is even a search feature to look for phrases that you may want to look at again, or just one that contains a keyword that you want.

   The educational app is brought to you by the developers at Twentycraft. Thanks to them you may even sound smarter at times by popping out some of these quotes. Or just in case an older person pops out one of these phrases, you can be like "I got this" (George Lopez fan).

So what are you waiting for?  
Go get this!

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