Friday 16 November 2012

Free PC Keyboard and Mouse (App Review) Precise Controls

Ever get tired of using your old controls or wished you had a controller with more features, or just didn't feel like controlling your computer from right in front of it? Lazy you. Well, I won't get anything from judging you so I'll let you know of an app that can help you with your little dilemma. Introducing the Free PC Keyboard and Mouse app. With a quick set up you can be moving your computer mouse and typing into your desktop from your Android device. There's a left click and middle mouse button as well. Don't worry, the application is smooth and accurate. Oh a good reason the app is great is because it can save you money from having to by a specific device for doing what this app does. The Android OS app has a large mouse track pad area for easier usage. It can be found on here on Google Play.

Getting the app to work is so easy it's scary. Reminds me of a scene I've seen (or imagined) where an operator controls your computer through the internet. The mouse moves on it's own. Kinda scary as if I'm getting hacked. Of course it's only me hacking myself, but if I can do this, what can pro's or computer guru's do? 

Playing with it makes it feels really cool line in the movies where characters control their home entertainment system with a tablet. For example, like Dwayne The Rock Johnson does in The Game Plan. It also gave me that new game system feel. One big advantage this had over game consoles or traditional t.v. remotes was that it had an onscreen keyboard to type on. This is a lot quicker versus using the number pad to type. Number pads on remotes are even harder to use than on older cell phones. This would be a great addition to game consoles. Then i realized the wii- U just came out. However, I'm not sure how detailed the controller screen is. The screen size may be good for tablet type of usage, but for gaming the wii-u's contoller screen might take me a while to get used to and accept. I only have two small suggestion. One is to allow taps to act as a click (the way mousepads do). The second is to let me see what I'm typing on my phone instead of the screen(as it's far away and harder to see). However I can guess that this is trickier because the feedback from the computer might not be compatible with the app. This second one could also be device specific. Maybe the app can keep the letters or message on the device and not send the letters to the computer until you press ready or enter. That way it can show you what's been inputted so far.

There is also a paid version for $1.99 called Media PC Keyboard / Mouse  made by the same developers, Touchsquid Technologies.  

This version enables a Windows Media Center shortcut button. From there it will take you to all sorts of control features(full screen, mute, volume control, menu, guide, toggle subtitles, caption, directional buttons, play, stop, fast forward, skip, change channel up and down, and more). That's a small price compared to extra hardware. The developers are based in North Vancouver, BC Canada. These apps are actually more ideal to use from on your tablet to operate media players or home entertainment systems/Home Theater PC (HTPC) where you may be more comfortable moving around more freely. Uses include Netflix(instead of having to type using the numbers on a media player remote or navigate through letters with a Sony Playstation 3 controller). Touchsquid also has other remote apps you may find useful. Again you can DOWNLOAD it from Google Play.

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