Saturday 17 November 2012

Unique Use for Smartphones:Quit Smoking

Ever since this smartphone craze has been started, an unimaginable amount of apps have been created for just countless purposes. One of those purposes is to Quit Smoking (also the name of the app this article will be discussing). By now it's quite clear that smoking is an unhealthy habit. It's difficult to kick a habit, especially if the side effects aren't too apparent. There are many reasons for quitting whether it be to save money, increase physical abilities, prolong life, or just to stop the lectures and interventions. Whatever your reason may be, I encourage you to watch out for yourself and those around you. A tool that may help you out is Quit Smoking, a FREE Android app that can be found on Google Play.

 Quit Smoking is simple to set up so that it can track the amount of money you've saved (by not purchasing) and how much time you have saved from losing. There are other neat features to keep you motivated. One of them gives you reasons(facts) why you should stop smoking. Another goes through chemicals found in cigarettes and remind you what other products those chemicals are also found in(usually things you wouldn't want to eat). Under the settings you can choose the type of currency so that you can relate to the information better. It also keeps track of how long it has been since you quit (after you input the date of course). The Android application also has a display of how long until certain negative impacts from smoking are expected to leave your body. This is assuming it isn't too late and you haven't developed some sort of cancer. 

 Sorry I don't mean to be rude, negative, or mean. I'm trying to be objective on this subject. Other motivations include secondhand smoke or causing family members and friends worry. If you are serious about quitting, I am glad for you. 

There is also a paid version for $0.99 if you choose to support the developers in improving the app. It hasn't been long since the app's launch and the developers at Grooving Apps would appreciate any advice and feedback. Thanks for reading.

Good Luck.


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