Friday 16 November 2012

What's in the Cube?

Peter Molyneux you are a genius;  but a frustrating one! Curiosity from his 22Cans studio is another grand social experiment, and as reward driven ideas go very tantalising-but oh so bugged.
What's in the Curiosity Cube?
22Cans will have an exclusive videolink to the contents and promises that only one person in the world will receive that link. Is a Swiss Bank Account number at Curiosity's Cube Centre? Is money in the middle of Curiosity Cube? Is it an exclusive video of Peter Molyneux in the nude?
Only your Curiosity will drive you on to find out.But there are the bugs... Coins you earn disappear; your clicks don't get counted and so popular is the app that there have been multiple server crashes.
Still that doesn't stop us tapping to find out what's in the the terms and conditions carefully to find out how you can beat 22Cans Cube:
Curiosity: What’s in the Cube? Official Competition Rules:
The competition is organised and sponsored entirely by 22cans.
The competition begins when the App is first made available for download.
The competition is open to anyone who downloads the App “Curiosity What’s in the Cube” and starts tapping
It is not necessary to log in to Facebook to take part in the competition. Logging into Facebook will allow you to track your progress and rank against friends, see where your friends are tapping, accrue bonuses through your Facebook friends joining and provides an alternate mechanism to contact you if you are the one who discovers what’s hidden in the cube.
There is only one Cube in the world and the state of the Cube is stored on our servers. Subject to latency, the Cube appears the same to all those in the world taking part.
The Cube is suspended in a white room and is composed of billions of smaller cubelets. Players can come in close to the surface of the cube and destroy the tiny cubelets by tapping on them. It is necessary for the world to entirely remove one layer of cubelets before the next layer becomes available for destruction. It is possible to accrue coins as a result of tapping and use these to buy chisels and other devices to remove cubelets more quickly. This means that there are skill mechanics in the App which you will need to master.
Inside the Cube and under an undisclosed number of layers, there is an amazing discovery waiting to be found. The surface image on the Cube for the last layer will make it obvious to all that it is the final layer.
The person who removes the last cubelet on the final layer is the winner and will automatically be sent a video link on their device explaining what is at the centre of the cube. The decision of which user on which device removed the last cube will be made automatically by the 22cans Cube servers. Our decision is final and cannot be appealed.
The winner is free to do what they wish with the video link information – they can disseminate the link via social media or keep the content to themselves. However, the video link information should not be traded for any personal monetary gain.
It is only permissible to take part in the competition by using the Curiosity App and the mechanics contained inside the app for breaking down the cube. It is permissible for a player to have the app on multiple devices. It is not permissible to use any other means of breaking down the Cube such as automated bots and 22cans reserves the right to ban any players otherwise attempting to break into the cube.
How many cubelets left?
I've found out about Obama's victory and Shigeru Miyamoto's birthday on this app-the scrolling messages passing on this wordly info. As of today 400 thousand have tapped away at this layer-hint on a Jellybean phone multiple finger taps are supported -but no massive hints show how many taps are left.
Let's hope all this tapping and bug contention will make the Curiosity's app prize worth getting!

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