Sunday 25 November 2012

What is Droidfooding?

Facebook is encouraging it's employees to use Android devices in their droidfooding campaign.
Droidfooding is their term for "dogfooding," when a company tests or uses the very products it's trying to push out into the consumer market.
In Facebook's case they are integrating well into the Android market with Facebook apps on the Android platform.
Droidfooding on show at Facebook
Posters are even up in Facebook office's encouraging the use of Android phones in one the image of Google's Android logo robot hovers nonchalantly behind a large plate of dog food. Printed behind the robot is the phrase, "Do you 'droidfood?," with Facebook imploring its employees to "switch today" at the poster's bottom.
In the second poster, Facebook prints a simple graph of device shipments for both iPhones and Android smartphones. As Facebook describes it on the poster, "here come the Androids."
It's a sign of IOS falling out of favour with the social network after the early days encouragement of their iPhone support. How many Android phones are now being used by Facebook employees due to the droidfooding campaign is still an unanswered question.

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