Tuesday 27 November 2012

Pet Pal - Friendly App Reminder

   Have you ever missed an appointment for a pet? Need help looking up for pet services in your area? With Pet Pal - Pet Manager, you have a tool to help you take care of your beloved pets. With many useful tools such as Google Maps, it helps you find various pet stores or other  locations like clinics, clinics and parks. Here are some of the many features that the app possesses. Organizing will be so much easier.

Take photos and keep them organized in folders exclusive to your pets. 

Convenient note options let you add additional data specific to the pet's unique attributes or character traits. Write down the pets special needs or other information such as their veterinarian.

With shortcuts as these, you'll save time from having to type in keywords to search for types places you may be looking for. 

Pet Pal - Pet Manager is still a new app and would greatly appreciate feedback and suggestions. It is brought to you by the developers at Apps on Toast. The smartphone application can be downloaded here from Google Play. The app is FREE for 24 hours upon activation. If you find yourself wanting more, it costs only $2.58 to keep the full version. It supports many various languages including English, Spanish, French, and German.

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  1. This sounds like an app I could use. I have more than enough pictures of my Jack Russell terrier aptly named Jack so having a picture organizer would be helpful.


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