Monday 3 December 2012

Claymation comes to IPad

Katamari like games on iphone
ClayJam on iPad
Morph, Wallace and Gromit, will games based on these ever be a Claymation success on iPhone and IPad? Well it's a redundant question anyway as Zynga returns the cool to Claymation gaming with new game Clay Jam being a lush,pastel coloured stop motion clay moulded dream of a game.
We're sure that there have been quite a few stop motion games even on the iPad. But developer Fat Pebble has broken quite a few mobile gaming rules in creating this rather fun game.
Echoes of Katamari Damacy (on iOS?) are the first impressions with your clay ball having to roll downhill collecting smaller creatures until it is finally after many levels and upgrades ready to roll out as a massive marble of clay and take on the end of level large clay behemoth that is threatening the world of ClayJam. 
There's continual progression with unlock after unlock following the acquisition of more clay. The world get's bigger the more you roll and this in turn allows you to purchase new Clay Creatures to roll up. Later unlocks being worth a great deal more clay when they succumb to your clay ball's stickiness.
The clay creatures are beautifully animated and definitely have a sense of personality behind them. The fact that they have been rendered and animated in Clay over a year long process is certainly a rule breaker from Fat Pebble but it really pay's off with a universal appeal.
As you gouge away clay to guide your ball down, aside from the lack of tactility you would honestly feel a childhood twinge at the fun to be had with playdough. Hopefully in future updates we'll see a sandbox mode and a way to build your own clay creatures on iOS.


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