Monday 3 December 2012

Winter Clothes for Gamers

Perfect Gamer's Clothing? Onesies from Funzee
Sitting writing this article it's another crazy British Winter; my only consolation is that my wife has got herself the perfect Winter clothes that also suit her mobile phone addiction.

Well when I say perfect I mean for indoor use only as I don't think that she'd want to be wandering around outside in her Onesie no matter how stylish it is!

The retro onesie from Funzee is a comfortable form fitting item of clothing that makes it really easy to mooch around the house. And as for fitting in with a mobile lover's lifestyle it's got all the pockets you could possibly want for any manner of mobile phones. The material it is made from is very comfortable and stretchy and having a bunch of kids clambering around trying to grab the family IPad or "borrow" her mobile phone for a bit of YouTube action; you'd expect those muddy hands and generally kiddy mess to really make the Onesie a state. It's testament to its robustness that no dirt has shown up at all.
Two weeks on and I'm finishing off the article on this Funzee Onesie- the fact that flu made the whole family bedridden actually turned out to be a perfect time to test the Onesie under field conditions, virtually living in it for two weeks really proved that it's a great item of clothing! Can we really afford to be lounging around the house in this day and age? Probably not, but if you do have that occasional luxury, or even just want to be cosy of a night time then Funzee has their retro range Funzee to take advantage of as well as other ranges like the Wizard Funzees and even Retired Funzees. Working as a videogame blogger I can certainly see the advantage to being warm and cosy and also having those ever so handy pockets to keep my gadgets in!
Have a great gaming winter and if you're fearing those icy blasts you certainly know where to get your lounge-around at-home clothing from.

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