Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Gambling on Facebook?

Zynga Slots Facebook
Zynga Elite Slots
We all know the formula of taking an age old past time and making an app out of it, that's why gambling apps in form or another exist on so many platforms. But when a big player like Zynga is involved and they're bringing gambling to Facebook it's sure to create a sensation!

In fact Zynga seems to be trying to redesign the way that ambling works and create a whole new app genre at the same time. Following on their roots with a lot of other collaborative multi-player stuff in the past they're now bringing us collaborative multi-player gambling.

This social gambling is no modern day bingo for Facebook. No , Zynga Elite Slots is a full blown all bells and whistles, manga,e ,boss fight containing multiplayer extravaganza. Different slot machines will include House of Fangs, Enchanted Forest and more. Adding a bit of polish to gaming is the choice of an avatar with different abilities.

The multiplayer side of things comes into play with all players contributing to a shared points pool that will eventually trigger a boss fight. Stats are weighted in your favour if you've added more points to the pool and you'll stand a greater chance of beating the boss. Minigames aplenty, in game chat and present giving make this a slot machine out of the ordinary. It's doubtful whether Zynga will contribute any of their millions to real world Zynga Elite Slots winnings, so don't expect to be splashing out on luxury at the Cohiba Cigars Sale!

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