Monday 10 December 2012

AquaDude: Submerges for iOS and Android OS

   Are you a fan of Aquaman or Aqualad? Ever played those older games where you fly an aircraft up and down while traveling to the right? Well, the smartphone app, AquaDude , is like a combination of the two. Your character can breath underwater(or hold his breath forever) and is constantly moving to the right of your screen. Your job is to tap or hold the screen to make him go up. Let go of the screen and he starts to come down. Maneuver around obstacles such as a "4-eyed megalodon sharks, supercharged electric eels, flaming torpedo piranhas, deadly blowfish and floating explosive mines". (I couldn't have said that better myself so I quoted it from the Google Play description.) It's also FREE.

    Actually the official description does a great job at explaining the game I'm not sure reading anything here will help you as much or be as enticing.  The screen is your button. That's simple, but not easy. AquaDude is really difficult for me to play. It's a one level game with many achievements depending on how far you get. Collect the purple power ups to get one of four boosts:an underwater scooter, a purple fire breathing seahorse, a little submarine, and a fast swimming dolphin. These four boosts give you an extra life/or shield to protect you so that you may hit and object going at that speed and survive. You may also purchase some items using shells you've gathered. Other power ups include a seashell magnet, a multiplier, and extra meters to start with.

 Vortex Gaming is the name of the developer. This is a fresh new smartphone application. AquaDude is FREE and available on Google Play for Androids and on iTunes for Apple products. It even has a 3D trailer that can act as the (non ingame) intro to the game.

Pop up fishes are usually bad for you in underwater games and here it is no different.

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  1. I have never played such game before but this would be great fun. Even the concept looks good, tapping and making an individual to breathe under water and let him go up would be really fun.


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