Friday 14 December 2012

GarageBand still riding high in the charts

Music games and accessories have come and gone, both in the realm of computers, but also the iPad other top tablet wannabees.
As a way to express yourself musically Guitar Hero and other games like it are arguably still just a fond memory for many , most serious musicians returning to their roots with traditional music equipment like Numark at Musician's Friend and yet the music app to rule them all still continues a very strong showing in the app charts. So why is GarageBand still so popular?

Admittedly the amount of proper musos hanging up their axes to make music ojn GarageBand is probably few and far between. But then again you've got to consider the sheer amount of audio post processing that goes into most modern music. A quick listen to Radio One's Live Lounge will show you how unrecognisable most songs are without the benefit of PC enhancement. But GarageBand doesn't even give you that enhancement, it is quite simply a curio piece that brings not only hobbyist musicians but every type of person to its download screen eventually.

Look at the popularity of Xfactor as a means for complete amateurs with Binge Drunk Karaoke voices still trying to make the big time. The fact is that even a totally tone deaf person is still moved by music, and GarageBand as a gateway to music of some sort resonates with most people's aesthetic principles for that reason-that's why it still rides high in the appcharts and will do for some time to come.

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