Friday 14 December 2012

Simple Remote Choppers for great stunting

A remote controlled helicopter with 4 engines to enable it to move independently on a variety of axis.

Are Quadrocopters hard to fly?
The Quadcopter we tried from Paramount Zone was so simple. Fifteen minutes of low level flying on a lesser power setting soon had us getting a bit braver and experimenting with high level stuff. We're still not confident or competent enough to try out the more complicated stunts, but they're certainly possible with this little beauty.

But can I crash it?
With the spate of bad weather that we've been having we were reluctant to venture outside so our first trial flights were in a rather cramped bedroom! At first we were terrified that the outer cover or motors might smash, but even after a few inadvertant wall smashes the little Quadrocopter that could was still unscathed.

Show me the stunts!

You'll probably need someone with a little more flying hours under their belt to see the full range of flips, spins, 180's, barrel rolls and any other aerial acrobatics that you can imagine, as i'm still very much learning. The great thing about the quadrocopter from Paramount Zone is that it really has a lot of possibilities , while I'm not yet an Evil Knievel or a Red Baron of the remote flying world this remote controlled wonder really makes all the funky stuff quite possible.

Some Stats
Expect to fly up to about a hundred metres away with the four channel controller easily able to keep the beast under control. Even a little bit of night flying is possible with the led lights along the wing struts probably scaring the neighbours into thinking that the little green men were inbound.

Who wants one for Christmas then?
What really impressed us about the quadrocopter was it's sheer elegant simplicity. Admittedly letting my four year old son have a go (Be gentle with that "stick" apparently means ram it to full throttle straight away in his book!) was a bit ambitious. but realistically I would say about a 6 year old and upwards would be able to handle the flying . Of course intricacy of flight can only improve with practice and that's where the ability to govern the power output comes in. 20% for novice flying making way for 100% seat of your pants loop the loops and more.

Avoid Santa's Sleigh in high level flight and you should have years of progressive aerial craziness with the quadrocopter.

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