Saturday 1 December 2012

Paintrala - Drawing app

      Do you like drawing on your phone? Want to share it with others and maybe look at what other have done? With Paintrala - SNS for painting you can do just that. It's a bit similar to painting on your desktop computer. With the app you can see what drawings are currently trending, or the pic of the day, or browse through other popular drawings. You may even upload a photo from your gallery, or take a photo using your smartphone's camera, then edit it. Photo effects may be applied. There's different drawing tools such as a brush and pen and more. Pinch and zoom are important and works really smooth. Use layers to draw over your pictures. I believe the app is still fairly new, but it's population of users have been growing. Some of the work really amaze me.

     There's two ways to undo the last drawing motion. Either tap the undo button or draw on a second part of the screen while the first drawing is still in motion. I just used my fingers for testing, but I suggest you use a stylus. Not all stylus' will work on a Samsung device. I tried using my Nintendo DS stylus with no results. This is probably due to the screen using electric signals from your fingers so only special stylus's will work. The only small suggestion I have for the smartphone app is to have the default pictures be available for use (because I deleted one of mine because my work wasn't satisfying). In other words, make it so they cannot be permanently deleted.

     Paintrala is currently is only available for Samsung devices. Other devices can download the app, but there's a good chance it won't work perfectly. I've tried it on my Sony Xperia Play and was unable to draw. However, I was able to successfully run the application  on a borrowed Samsung Galaxy S 2. Share your work with others or let other share with you. Experience and see what other works of art are being created by artists around the world. There is even a contest that you can participate in. I am not an artist, but maybe you are. If so, then the developers at AltamiraSoft made this for individuals like you. Even if you are not an artist, you may be able to enjoy it or learn that you are not that bad at it. Give it a try and let your artistic skills run wild and free. Who knows how many likes you may get.

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