Friday 30 November 2012

App for Managing Expenses

Most of us need help managing our money. A penny saved is a penny earned. If you have an Android smartphone around, another opportunity just came along to help you keep track or your finances.The Expense Manage HandWallet is here to help you. Don't worry, it's FREE and can help you organize your dinero with it's plenty of options. The smartphone application is easy to use even with all those options. They are necessary to accurately record what you have done with your dollars and pennies. The different types of transactions and accounts show you what you did with how much. The user interface is smooth and friendly. You can even back up or restore information. The number of settings really demonstrate the the amount of thinking that was put into the app by it's developers at MediaVision Money and Finance.

The app has many built in categories for you to quickly make your selection. You aren't limited to using only the predetermined categories. You can add in your own categories as well. I can hardly list and name or test all of it's features that are listed on it's Google Play listing. These graphics surpass your average money managing apps. Your information can be password protected. Improve your accounting skills (or at least practice). Personalization is a really important aspect of this app. Quickly view and calculate future costs of bills. Tap on Analyst and you have different ways to display expenses and income such as bar graphs and pie charts. Voice recognition is even integrated into the app. 

On your homescreen the app appears with the title Handwallet. Nobody wants to carry two wallets with them, but this one is FREE and takes up a lot less space in your pocket (about 7 MB on your phones memory). Download it here from Google Play.  It's available for use with difference currencies and languages. This isn't another notebook you have to carry with you to jot down notes or read, it's already conveniently in your phone, something you already carry with you. From just a few minutes with the app, I get the feeling that an accounting professional was involved with the app's development. The only improvement I can suggest for now is to have a button pop up under the top toolbar when "Actions" is pressed besides having the user press on Settings button(menu button) to add another action since the screen isn't being used upon that selection. There are just so many things covered in it. Check it out and see for yourself. 


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