Monday 10 December 2012

Roborunner : Retro Styled Gaming

    Ever miss those old classic games like when Mario was going up against Donkey Kong? We have an app that would probably remind you of those days (if you remember them). Roborunner is a platform puzzle game where you take your Roborunner and make your way around the levels while avoiding enemies(defective robots) and collecting points. Your goal is to fix the other robots. Oh and there's a catch, you can't jump (don't mean to misinform you), but the smartphone app is FREE.

Maybe someday the Android logo or Android Mascot could take on an adventure like this someday. Until then, download this Android app from the developers at Linear Smile. The smiling probably won't come until you beat a stage. There are 30 stages to beat. Also, you can't shoot the enemy robots. Your weapon fires left and right to hit cages or the fence-like blocks. After a few hits the block will disappear. After a while, the block will come back.

 A few Tips on how to play.
-Chain platforms cannot be landed upon. You can walk across them, but not land on them from a fall or ladder. 
-The bottom part of ladders don't seem to have a platform for your character to walk across, but it does.
-Don't land on spikes, you'll die. 

It's a fairly new smartphone application so it still has it's bugs on the devices I've tried it out on. For the Xperia Play the app force closes by selecting the first available level(after it tells me I cannot access the level yet, but it's clearly available).  I continued testing on a Samsung Galaxy S II and got further than that but still ran into problems. Pressing the "settings" android button automatically causes the game to close. If I don't press that button (located really close to the lower right on-screen controls), then the game crashes when I die. 

  According to the Google Play listing, there is a Premium Version for $0.99 that "has no ads and allows you to adjust the difficulty level and the gameplay speed." The description also states that "Both versions contain HD resources for tablets." I'm sure they will appreciate your feedback for developmental purposes. So go and download your copy from Google Play and play. With 3 worlds to conquer, how far can you get?

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