Thursday 13 December 2012

Smart Volume Control : The way it should be

    I'm sure you've navigated through your phone looking for sound settings and wondering, how come the sound settings aren't all here, or why is it separated from the other sounds?  Up next for discussion is the Smart Volume Control app developed by Direct-Services s.r.o. It's amazingly large number of features and adjustments are all greatly organized to make your sound settings incredibly more convenient. The smartphone app is very appropriately named. With all it's functions it's clear that someone or a group of people put a lot of thought into the design of the app. The great detail put into the user interface such as menu's and buttons also reflect the amount of work that was put into SVC. While trying out or using this app you'll think to yourself, this is the way the volume settings should be. Easy, smooth, natural, practical. You can check out the video below instead of read the whole short review.

Choose from many widgets for the specific use(s) that you would want.

     It doesn't make sense for most apps to be running in my notification bar while I'm not using my phone. With Smart Volume Control, that's not the case. It's good to be able to quickly get to adjust the smart volume controls. With a pull down of the notification bar, a tap on the app, and a slide you get all these main controls. It is just loaded with features. Not only does it have options that you want,  there are probably some useful features that you haven't even thought of. The keyword here is "useful". This brief review will not cover all the features in details.  

Even the setting up the alarm is more convenient then my default alarm.
Functions include:
-Different Profiles 
-Automatic settings by Location (work, home,church)
 -Letting events change your settings for non recurring event(s)
-Have the volume change as your speed changes 
-Have the volume turn off if your headphones are taken out on accident (or on purpose by babies).

   I wouldn't be surprised if more features like this was copied into new versions of default phone operating systems. You hear that Samsung? The smartphone application is available on Google Play.The FREE VERSION may be downloaded here. The full version is called "Smart Volume Control +" or "SVC+" and has extra features and removed ads. Make your time and phone management easier with the help of genius volume controls.

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