Friday 14 December 2012

iPhone 5's low light level problems

Those who love to use their iPhone to take photos were initially enthused by the new low light level function that would allow IOS to use Isos above the old maximum of 800. However tinkerers and lovers of non stock apps express some disappointment with little realistic changes being seen in real life photos.

The reason for this is that even though the signal processor used by the magnificent A6 chip should bring improvement, it will mostly only do so for the iPhone 5's native camera app. Most third party camera apps remain unsupported. If you regularly use Camera+ v3.5.1, Pro Camera v3.81 or ScoutCamera you're in luck as they too benefit from the improved low light level function. Apple doesn't necessarily limit apps like Instagram from using the low light function but a substantial app rehaul is needed to take advantage. Whether you're taking photos from underneath your great personalized umbrellas or on a moonlit night,low light photos are a great feature of the new Apple phone, now it's about time that every app had access.

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