Wednesday 23 January 2013

Dead Trigger Updates are like Free DLC's

After months of playing almost every day, Dead Trigger continues to add more content that improves the game.(check out my original coverage article here) The FREE updates aren't small minor updates. There were not big bugs to fix in the first release. I started on version 1.5 and skipped 1.6 because I was afraid it could be a Facebook type of bad update and not work anymore after installing. I didn't want to lose the ability to play the game.

Update 1.5 was a Halloween Update  and adds a cool new arena and gives zombies pumpkin heads. I really like this new open map. It also included the addition of the CROSSBOW in the shop. The crossbow has the highest accuracy at 100% but shoots in an arched path for longer distances. It costs gold to purchase, but money to upgrade(the first of it's kind to do so).

Update 1.6 was a Christmas Update. It adds another arena map more story missions(just 2 additional missions though). This time, the map is more narrow and cramped. Zombies in this arena may wear santa costumes. Yeah that's right, zombies in santa outfits. Although I like this newer map less, I had to get this update. 

           The reason, the amazing GRENADE LAUNCHER(pictured above). It has become my top secret weapon against my arch nemesis and mini-boss enemy, the red eyed swat armored zombie. The launcher ignores the armor. I don't care if it's armor penentration or just ignoring the suit, as long as it helps me. It shoots similarly to the crossbow in a parabolic path. (I haven't tried the crossbow and don't plan to). The launcher is the second weapon to cost gold to buy, but dollars to upgrade. At first I didn't have enough to get it to level 3, but level two was quite fun. At rank 36 it took the (stage 2) grenade launcher two shots to kill the female zombie and armored swat zombie. Within two days I upgraded the weapon to it's maximum level. They non-boss zombies stop walking dead after getting a good hit with a blast. Zombie close to the blast will take less damage and/or get temporary stunned.

Aiming to take a shot and run away reminds me of the old Devil Trigger days of Playstation 2. If you're into the Call of Duty games, no you cannot noobtube in Dead Trigger. Shooting the ground or buildings will not cause the bullet/grenade to explode. Explosions will only occur when it comes in direct contact with a zombie or it has bounced/rolled off the environment for a few seconds like a frag grenade. This is a little odd, but for this game it's better. This causes you to play better with more skills and not cheat very easily. Plus you get to be immune to your own explosions, lucky for you...and me. Although the weapon can hit 6 targets(maximum spawned zombies) if they are in the proximity of the explosion, it becomes dangerous if you fail to hit a target at close range because the fire rate is a little slower than other weapons and will leave you vulnerable. Reloading only takes one magazine, similar to the Striker Shotgun but a bit longer. 

Another reason I finally got an update was because on January 12th I got JACKPOT!!! This ensured me that I had enough gold to purchase at least one item in gold that I would want after updating. The jackpot was 200 gold. After the update, you no longer really see the items come down the slots as much because it is becomes a nice cartoon like blur. It still works and functions as before by the way. Don't know if any of the mechanics for chances of winning changed. I'm positive I have gotten those items lined up before and didn't get jackpot. Getting three 7's in a row doesn't a jackpot neither, but it has given me 10 gold. 3 Purple Grapes get you 5 gold.

  These updates aren't minuscule, they're almost like mini Downloadable Content (DLC) packages for console games, except these are FREE. Again, my original review of the great and wonderful app can be found here.

In the meantime, here are some screenshots. I didn't want to put them in the original article because that article already was already long with photos and I didn't want to take time to take these pics back then.
 Yeah I cut their arms off. Chainsaw Massacre.

He didn't seem happy about it. Then again, zombie are never happy except maybe when they are gorging on some warm blood.
Doing some Carnage in a collect the supplies mission. Learned that C word from watching Spider-Man tv series.
 And now for a cheat. At this map (Mall) sometimes you have access to the escalators. Facing the escalators, you can go up the left one. Zombies only way of reaching you is going up that path. You'll have a much easier time to "aim" and shoot down and survive. It might not be necessary for me to tell you this as you will probably discover this for yourselves anyways. 

Been sticking with the Mini-gun since it's easier to get Carnage with, therefore a little more money.

 Those Madfinger people are crazy. Crazy good that is. 

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