Wednesday 23 January 2013

Amazing Ants-quick guide to coins

Amazing Ants really only becomes a great game when you're prepared to spend money in coins for all of those unlockable extras. So you want to get coins as quick as possible don't you?

How to get coins fast in Amazing Ants
Like many free,I'm games try to eke the most out of Amazing Ants before spending coins (earned or otherwise). Naturally gifted players grinding out repeated 3 star levels will be 'coining it' quicker than the rest of us.
Expect a lot of laborious work to get those 'free' Amazing Ants coins, there's only so far that your skills can take you. Here's how to make the most of your gaming labours:

On the first level of  'Hungry Hoppers' skip the video by tapping the screen. Then, tap the ant to start the colony moving, and leave your mobile nearby.

Here's the mathematical genius of using this method to get coins-It takes 15 seconds to complete this first level - this is the quickest way to get more coins , you'll get 60 coins for collecting all fruit and a 120 coins for doing it in a good time.

Hit the 'retry' button at the end, then tap the ants to start them. You can quickly play the sequence over and over. It's not fun, and really is coin (any) farming! The reason your mobile is on the table is so that you can do something else while continuing this game currency accumulating process.

Get slightly more involved

You can try a similar process on higher and more demanding levels, but will need to more involved in the ant's explorations.

The first level in Set 4 - Dirty Business will pay lots of coins for Example.Here, you need to drag your finger through dirt to remove it, making a channel between ant and fruit.

Almost as soon as you start the level, the timer begins, so don't hang about. Tap and hold over the purple grape and draw a diagonal line all the way to the ants waiting patiently. Now, set them off immediately and draw another line from the green apple to the grape, then from the apple to the gap in the tunnel's walls.

Your ants should be heading towards the apple by now, so remove all the dirt from under the boat with the watermelon so that it drops to create a path to the exit. Et voilĂ : a not-inconsiderable 456 Coins have been added to your purse.

General game tips

There are too many levels in Amazing Ants for me to start going into specifics on how best to complete them, but there are some general tips you should be aware of while playing.

Once you do have enough Coins to move on past a set of levels, go ahead and enjoy the next ones. You'll gain Coins and more enjoyment this way

When you do have to go back into the grind - or if you're intent on earning every star on each level - remember that time is key. To get the highest level rank possible (a.k.a. the Brilliant award), you need to get all the fruit quickly.

Make sure to go for Bronze Apples (the rarer, more lucrative fruits) whenever you see them. If you want to increase the frequency with which they appear in levels, by the way, there's an IAP with your name on it.

Route plotting and memorisation is important and if you can come up with the best solutions you'd do well to keep on repeating it for coins

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