Thursday 24 January 2013

Don't Fix Some Things that aren't Broken (January edition)

Sigh* Sometimes new things just take a while to get used to, even if they are improvements over the old. This holds especially true for me and my opinion with cars. First impressions can't always be trusted. I try not to jump to conclusions, like I did with Microsoft Word 2010 from 2007. Lots of things were changed and those changes did not help me at all when doing hectic research essays. Some buttons were thrown and here and there and behind this new tab that confused me and took me time to find. (I often last minute work). It didn't take longer or more clicks to do the same tasks once you get used to them, but was it really necessary to move features around if it didn't actually really help or improve anything? Why the headache? This Microsoft Office issue was smaller than the ones I'm going to list as a few alterings that I gave about a year to warm up to me.

-Windows 7's Windows Media Player. (My biggest issue is that the Playlist used to be a lot more convenient to use and find.) I enjoy my visualizations. This new editions like to take you to the library where nothing pretty is to be seen. The "Now Playing" and "Playlist" were easily accessable before (at least in Windows XP) with an on screen button. With the annoying version you gotta right click and it's the first on the list, (no longer a button? Why not just make it a button?!?) I skipped Windows Vista because my desktop with XP was still working just fine. Plus I liked the change from boring gray rectangles in Pre-XP to smooth blue edges in XP was kinda epic for me.

-Windows Movie Maker Videos and music used to overlap with a small section for text in a timeline fashion. Now those animations take longer to do and I don't thing the Music could overlap. Text transitions were also worsened because they couldn't overlap each other or fade through or into each other. I could be wrong and these could be a features activated through some sort of menu. But these things used to be the default features and were there for use to use right away SMOOTH and AWESOME they were. Getting used to them was fast and natural and buttons/features placement made sense. I consider myself not too bad with the computer and those features took very little time to learn and use in the XP version of things so I blame Microsoft designers for this inconvenience.
The Rise of Windows Movie Maker grew with Youtube. In fact I think they contributed to each others growth. Youtube isn't getting smaller or worst, why are you WM Maker?

-Right Click DRAGGING items/icons in Windows Seven. While right-click dragging, the item may become undragged. Or when you let go of right click after a drag, the item drops as if it were left click. I am confident in my simple left and right clicking skills so again I blame Microsoft guys and women. This was not in issue in all my computer experience(except maybe sometimes with Apple products).You can't just right click an item if another item/file is already highlighted. You have to click to highlight or select the item you want to right click, then you can right click like previously possible in XP OS.

-USB Microphones. -with a growing population and the popularity of singing competition shows such as American Idol, X Factor, the Voice and America's Got Talent (sort of) I would expect Desktops and Laptops and all sorts of computers to have improved microphone friendliness, or at least not worst. I am researching this to see if there are common fixes. But my opinions still stand this should have been not even a problem in the first place. Further research suggests this isn't a software issue but may be due to the Rockband Mic that delays with computers. I have to mention that I never tried USB Mics on older versions of windows so this isn't a comparison. I am still looking into this matter.

I am not a professional and sort of noob compared to experts, but I do use computers frequently and casually. Some of these ticks may just be a personal preference or issue or my one desktop may be faulty. If you can confirm these problems or give fixes, I would appreciate it.

Let me know your thoughts.(especially if you agree with something so I don't feel so alone).

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