Friday 25 January 2013

Ouya controller redesigned

With the Ouya launch just around the corner it's good to see that the developers are taking the warning notice seriously and have listened to Ouya Beta testers recommendations as to how the Ouya controller could be improved.
First, the D-pad on the controller is no longer a "disc" and the much more user friendly "cross" layout with greater traction and more precision is to be adopted. The thumbstick tops have been redesigned to be more grippy  and the touchpad area has better sensitivity now. The triggers have undergone a massive improvement too and are more aesthetically pleasing and more flush with the controller's surface. Even the battery compartment has been rethought to be a snigger and tighter fit with the rest of the Ouya controller's body.
The changes are not only superficial but the materials have also been swapped out in some cases for higher quality ones, it's great to see that the designers are taking on board the end consumers points making the whole project carry on its Kickstarter ethos of design by public opinion.

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