Friday 25 January 2013

Latest iPad 5 Rumors

The iPad and its incarnations are always on the technology news front and there seems to be a new one coming out every couple of months. Site iLounge claims to have the latest information on the iPad 5 but their rumor of a late March release has been downgraded to an Autumn release.

Other information that they claim to have is that the iPad 5 bezel will be virtually non-existent with just enough room on the border for the home button and camera. Size wise the screen will be the 9.7 inch we're used to but left and right bezels will be neglible. They claim that the iPad 5 will be smaller in every dimension and especially thinner.

Every time a new iPad 5 rumor surfaces we wince, but iLounge seems to be in the now and is often quoyed by reliable sources so let's see if the info is true when the time comes.

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