Friday 25 January 2013

Competitive Online Gaming by Sony

If you're a competitive gamer then it will be big news to you that Sony Online Entertainment and Major League Gaming have teamed up to turn online game PlanetSide 2 into 2013's biggest e-sport competition. Already only 2 months into its life PlanetSide 2 has over 3 million players. It's also a very respectable nod to the game's quality that renowned esport broker MLG is endorsing the new franchise.

Huge numbers of players will be able to play the esport as any single arena (continent) can support up to 2000 players in the battle for resources. Commentators suggest that preliminary rounds could have as many as hundreds of people -perhaps 600 to 700 competing. All you e-sportsman with your geekdom has never been so lucrative!This is certainly a new level to egaming and just goes to show how popular esports are becoming.

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