Friday 25 January 2013

Revitalizing Citizen Science

If we had a half dollar for every time that the internet planned to revolutionize the way that we go about our daily live's we'd certainly be up there with the other tech millionaires. In some ways in some very specialized niches the internet is changing some things and opening up doors that we never knew existed. One of the exciting developments for archaeologists for example is satellite archaeology where Google Earth has become instrumental in detecting buried artifacts , for those prepared to spend the time to scrutinize the world from satellite pictures.

Another interesting area that hasn't really been covered very much by the media in recent years is internet assisted space exploration as embodied by programs like SETI a few years ago. A new technology emerging in this area is the Planet Hunters website, which uses NASA's epler telescope to facilitate citizen science in finding new stars. Something worth exploring if you're interested in revitalizing internet assisted space exploration.

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