Friday 25 January 2013

The future of Android Gaming

What is Android as a gaming platform? The simple touchscreen games of its past and present based on the successful iPhone model (we're surprised that Apple doesn't have a patent for touchscreen gaming!) are only a little bit of what it does as a platform. New developments are particularly suited to the open source OS and developers and thinkers are always coming up with new ideas to bolt on to the Android OS and make it a console competitor. So what is it? A poor man's console, a new way of gaming or the future of touchscreen gaming? We'll let the latest ideas for Android gaming speak for themselves...

The Xperia Play in it's short lived glory was exactly what every gamer wanted. And I was particularly in love with it myself with not only its dedicated controller bu also ability to emulate PSN games, SNES games and more. It's only a pity that build quality wasn't great (mine succumbed to water damage, just from ambient moisture) and the handsets specs were lacklustre even when it was first released. Will there be an Xperia Play 2-I hope.

The Tegra chip is changing the way we see mobile gaming. Nvidia has seen the popularity of Android as a gaming platform and has built the superchips to match. Console quality games become very possible with a Tegra toting device, but we're still left with the smaller touchscreen limits-even Project Shield using a powerful tegra chip in an Nvidia branded Android dedicated gaming handheld could be priced out by its limitations. Those limitations are the same as the PSP Vita-powerful specs, but does my pocket have room for a 5 inch phone and a dedicated gaming handheld-probably not.

Which brings us to Ouya/ Is it going to compete with the next generation of consoles? Probably not too, but it brings the power of Android to the living room screen with a dedicated and ever refining controller that also has limited touchscreen capabilities. If the console really lives up to it's ability to be upgraded this Ouya could certainly be the future of Android gaming.

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