Friday 25 January 2013

Temple Run 2 Secrets,hints and tips

Temple Run 2 is upon us -and now available for Android too-what little we know about becoming successful at the endless running coin-a-thon is now written down to help you to get the best TempleRun2 score with these hints, tips and secrets
Use your Special Power
Each of the three unlockable characters has a special power that you can activate multiple times . Guy's is naturally the weakest Temple Run2 special power but the other characters can give you a massive score boost. An awesome new feature is that once the powers are unlocked you can trade them between characters.

Finding and using the best Temple Run 2 Multiplier
it's no secret that using the multiplier is your best bet for getting a high score. Each one you do boosts your multiplier by one. "So definitely focus on getting those done if you want to score really high," says the developer.  You should look to Focus on coin and multiplier upgrades first. Unfortunately the  Coin magnet doesn't double like in Temple Run 1, here you have to pay for the privilege.
 Don't forget your abilities
Maxing out your abilities gives you more coins, more energy, and durability. These are all important when it comes to a long run, which, naturally, produces more points. Your multiplier can be boosted by a few points with abilities, too. 
Just Run
Be like a sportsman in your running, don't think about what you're doing just do it. Hypnotherapists must be having a field day with fast twitch repetitive action games like these as it is well known that repeated activity puts you in a trance like state-which is the best gaming zone-especially for games like TR2!
Get Your Coins Up
Coins buy stuff so remember that your  Coin Values ability is important-which means that you need to head to the Coin Magnet as fast as you can.

Boost Yourself
The easiest run is the one you don't even have to worry about. "Using the Boost power and Head Starts at the beginning of the game can also help you safely move forward without having to worry about making turns or avoiding obstacles," is a great tip straight from the developer.
The Biggest Temple Run 2 Secret.
Power ups and abilities can complement each other and make for some very powerful combinations such as the character’s power-up ability is set to boost combined with the coin magnet icon is grabbed allowing you to concentrate on dodging obstacles instead of tilting the game screen to get coins. Reach the distance set by the coin value ability and coins multiply astronomically.

Choosing the best Temple Run 2 Ability

Shield Duration:  lasts for about 30 seconds invest coins to increase the time.
Coin Value After a certain distance has been reached, each coin’s value will be tripled . If you spend coins on improving the coin value ability you'll need less distance to get this bonus.
 Coin Magnet Like Shield Duration, this feature comes in very handy for players simply focusing in on dodging obstacles instead of money grabbing.
Is this the most powerful Temple Run 2 Combination?
Paired with Boost and Coin Value, this combination can be very powerful when activated by a combination of power-ups that appear in the game.

 Boost Distance : Each notch adds 200 metres and is great when used in combination with the coin value ability to get quick cash.

Which TempleRun2 ability should be upgraded first?
 Pickup Spawn: Arguably you should upgrade this Temple Run 2 Ability first. Random power ups occur 1 out of ten times at the start but this  improves by about 7% per notch of the pick up spawn ability purchased. 

Power Meter This feature is very handy for players often making use of self-activated power-ups. It allows for a faster charge-up.
 Save Me Dying often? Gems don't appear very often and this ability uses them rapidly. Expect to spend about four hours in the game to collect 50 emerald pieces.
The best time to use the Save me Dying feature is when that threshold in the Coin Value ability is reached.
 Head Start does exactly what it says and boosts you by 250m.
Score Multiplier doesn't effect the coins you gained but will boost your bragging rights by improving the score.

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