Friday 25 January 2013

The iShoe

The iShoe
No,really it does exist, or soon will if Apple follows through with their latest patent that, to paraphrase, is a detector for sensing when a shoe wears out. Perhaps not such a strange concept as detectors which could include, according to the patent, accelerometers and pressure sensors, could be used to not only measure activity but also to tell professionals like athletes when their shoes need replacing.

Apple's delving into footwear and the mass market of training uses for their products is most exemplified in the Nike + IPod sensor, so this patent might not be as out of left field as it seems. The upcoming iWatch concept would work very well in conjunction with the iShoe ( I'm sure Apple will come up with a snappier name than that) and athletes and those into training can only wait and see if it makes it into production.

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