Tuesday 22 January 2013

Viatun - Best VPN for Android. Save on data usage

Ever wondered if there was anything you can do about your data usage without using less data or paying more? With Viatun you get just that, and a whole lot more. The smartphone app decreases your carrier data usage by using compression software. Up to 80% of your data can be saved from being counted by your phone carrier. If the in-app traffic meter is accurate, just a Youtube video test on HQ saved me 50%(it's gone up a couple percentages after some additional testing with light usage of more videos and some browsing). Sometimes the traffic meter takes time or a relaunch to change it's numbers.  The application also claims to be the "fastest VPN on the market."

Other benefits and features of the Android app includes:
-hiding your IP so you can use the internet more anonymously.
-Viatun servers give you built in anti-virus protection
-Bypass and get Access to blocked or restricted sites (apps, features) in your area(country) with no effort. 
-the ability to use VOIP apps in wifi spots that usually don't allow it.
-no advertisements

Set up is easy. Just install the app. Enter your email address and retrieve the 5 digit password from your email.
Enter the pw into your app and you're good to go.

This shows a smooth and neat convenient connection speed checking tool.
According to some user reviews on Google Play, Viatun also has quick customer service. Start your FREE 3 day trial (1 GB Limit) today. One year of Viatun is only about $10, which is still a huge savings compared to your average data rates of about $30 for 3 GB per month. This version runs on Android 2.0 - 3.7. For a newer version that runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, get Viatun 4 here. They are both very similar to each other, just operable on different versions of Android. Results may vary depending on location, carrier, names of device, and other factors.

Your next surprise from a your phone bill could be a good one.


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