Friday 25 January 2013

When will my Pebble Watch be delivered?

The Pebble Watch is on its way for those lucky enough to have ordered one or been charitable enough to have helped the  Kickstarter campaign.

When can I buy a Pebble Watch?

The e-ink using mobile device augmenting watch will reach a maximum factory capacity run of 2400 watches a day. If the watch takes off, as we expect of to do, hopefully production concerns will be shunted aside as it upgrades to a larger factory. The Android Pebble App is also now available meaning that supported apps and virtual watch faces should soon be making their way to your wrists.

At the moment manufacturing delays mean that Pebble production line is sticking to the most popular black colour scheme and so as to when the other colours will be available is anyone's guess at the moment.

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