Wednesday 30 January 2013

Where's My Water with Phineas and Ferb character Style(or vice versa)

"Where's My Water" has become an extremely popular smartphone application. By trying it out the reasons become clear why. Swampy  the alligator needs water in his bathtub, and you must find a way to deliver water to him. This isn't a simple mediocre game. It's graphics and physics are an extremely smooth and colorful flash type of animation. The developer is Disney. I'm sure you've heard of them. They also put some life in Kingdom Hearts cut scenes in 3D on the older PS2. The game play of Where's My Water is simple and easy, but that doesn't mean that the puzzles always are. To get rid of sand in specific location, tough it. The creative levels hardly uses recycled sprites, and that's already a pretty amazing feat by itself. Although at first I thought this was another version of the old Pipe Drain games, this is clearly something more. The free version of "Where's My Water" comes with 20 exclusive levels not in the full version. The full version of "Where's My Water" according to the Google Play post has "3 STORIES — 3 SEPARATE GAMES — MORE THAN 400 TOTAL PUZZLES — FREE UPDATES!" And only for $.99. That's almost free (close enough).

Phineas and Ferb have also become quite popular as well. I've only seen about one of the Disney episodes so I cannot say whether or not I am a fan yet. I am however a fan of it's theme song performers Bowling for Soup. Now back to business or smartphone apps. Both Swampy and Perry (the cool looking secret agent pet platypus) have teamed up, probably with some pressure from their Disney creators. Perry wasn't just thrown into a "Where's My Water" game tub and quickly sold off as another game. No, he gets his own cool secret spy type of tub complete with digital sound effects. Upon completion of a level, his tub getting the required amount of water, Perry dives into a secret passageway type of hole. The app description indicates these entrances lead to O.W.C.A. which stands for "Organization Without a Cool Acronym". What an ironic and cool name. I don't believe Agent P shows frustration as he waits for water the way Swampy does. I can't tell the difference between alligators and crocodiles, especially in cartoon form.

"Where's My Perry" has a $1 edition and a free version. Note, the free stages are already included in Where's My Holidays(discussed below). I believe there are a few differences though between the free version of Where's My Perry and the levels in Holidays.
 1)Someone contacting Perry for assistance, Major Monogram, his superior, via text and voice.
2) The bad guy of the show, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, occasionally taunting Perry and responding to Perry's success.
3) An ending video with characters from the show.
Notice:The full version has over 80 levels.

"Where's My Holiday" is an application that brings them both together for 12 exclusive playable levels for free in this demo. That way you won't be repeating them if you do get pressured into buying the full versions of these great creations. The FREE levels aren't short and simple puzzles for you to complete in a matter of minutes. They are challenging, fun, and rewarding to play by themselves. What a tempting free gift they are. I know I'm using that F word a lot in this article but that's what's really cool about this group of apps. All these smartphone apps are downloadable on iTunes for iOS and Google Play for Android OS. One feature it claims is "3 brand new levels to play every week – for FREE". If you haven't played before somehow, these will get you interested in the full versions.
Trivia: The app's icon in the app section is named "Holiday". That's understandable as opposed to always having to say "Where's my _____".

Here's a hint, remember that water has more than 1 form and the games knows that. There's steam(vapor/gas), liquid, and solid ice form. Whether or not they wanted to come together, these two groups have made some awesome looking games.


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