Saturday 2 February 2013

Winkage - Social App Review

     Ever wonder how many people are around you? Have you ever scanned for wifi and wondered who the surrounding networks belonged to? The same can be said for bluetooth. My answer to these questions would be yes. With the creative app Winkage you can find out who else is using Winkage in your area. It uses your phones maps to display nearby areas such as shops, stores, public areas etc and how many people are there. Sign in with an email or a facebook. You aren't limited to official locations on the map, you can create your own location/occasion and invite others(although the app does a surprisingly good job at listing nearby places, filters included).

Once you find a place with users, you can shout out (like with posts and pictures) or you can send somebody and individual wink. This can be useful if you are at a crowded area and can't find them or are just too shy to approach them face to face. Start a conversation with the person of interest and see where it takes you. Not to promote rudeness, but if the meeting goes bad, you won't have to worry as much because all winks and chats are automatically deleted at the end of the day. This may be one of those times that you don't have to live with your mistakes. Start fresh the next day. 

This can be an ideal app for singles. Another situation where this app can be applied is at parties. Usually there are people at a party that don't have you on facebook or twitter. Usually you won't see a person's tweet or status update. With this, if that person is posting on Winkage from a location you are at, you can already know the person a little bit. Let them know you agree and take things from there.

The only minor suggestions I would make are to remove the email and username already on the app while signing up. This is probably a default email. In those mentioned textboxes, once you delete the provided (nonfunctioning) email, you'll see the label tell you that that is where the user puts his or her email and username that the person desires to use with the app. 

The maps moves smooth and the application's navigation is easy to do. The smartphone application can be found free of charge here on Google Play for Android devices. And it can be downloaded for free here @ iTunes for iOS. It's new and if it grows, that will only increase the usefulness of the application. This can be so cool in the future for people looking to get in the dating scene.

Good Luck


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