Thursday 14 February 2013

Farm Up for Android

Review: Farm Up! Farm Up is a beautiful new farming game developed and published by Realore, and now hit Android. Unlike most farm games, Farm up shows us a real daily life with dialogue and characters in it. You are beautiful Jennifer, a young farmer, in the 1930s in the South who is taking charge of an old, worn down farm, and bringing it back to life, which may be the oldest time setting for a farming game imaginable. Pros: Comprehensive description and beautiful game graphics design. There are a great deal of quests and crops. Push notifications remind you about harvests. Nice story line. Cons: No social interaction. Not too different from other free farming games. The game can fulfill you all your thoughts about farming, your daily quests are to buy seeds from the shop, plough ground and grow them, harvest them and sell them for money, then you can plant more other corps. And, you can also try to develop the farm, building more houses and raising lovely animals. The graphics are extremely good in Farm Up, especially in details. If you phone screen is larger, you can enjoy the beautiful butterflies flying over your farm, so many fantastic flowers, and the vivid characters walking around, lovely animals stay on their pens happily. I have to admit playing Farm Up is enjoying a visual feast. However, there isn’t much special from what we've been playing in Farmville of Zynga or other farm games for many years, the similar quest, the similar setting and the similar fun. Also, you need to complete quest to move on in the game and wait to level up so that you can do more quests. All of these are mostly the same to many farms and ranches games. About this point, I have to say, the eras for games like FarmVille or CityVille has gone, even in your mobiles. Review by our new reviewer Yilin

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  1. I have this on my smartphone and I'd give a 5-star rating for this.


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