Thursday, 14 February 2013

Gaming on your Smartphone

The ability of our Smartphones to quickly connect to the internet and get programs(apps) running in a few seconds has really shaken up the world of gaming. We're not just talking the ability to play pick up and play games, but also fully fledged RPG's,FPS's and more. Embedded graphics chips like the Mali GPU and Adreno put many of these smartphones almost on a par with PC's that are a only a few years old.

The smart money that was heavily invested into internet connected gambling in recent decades is slowly starting to make the transition to Smartphones. Traditional appstore guidelines need to be rethought though as many punters of mobile casino apps find it very laborious jumping through the multiple hoops that some appstores have in place (notably Apple with its very stringent guidelines). Finding a good casino app is no mean feat and many purveyors of internet/smartphone gambling circumvent the problem of making their own own app by just having a mobile adapted website. We're looking today into some of the up and comer online casinos that work best on your mobile phone.

Like so many interesting technological developments in the online gaming/gambling industry in recent years the Far-East is once again on the raise providing some very interesting sites that work particularly well in the mobile format. We've looked into using 21 winner on both an iPad and an Android phone. Resolutions and screen size issues are very much taken into account by this handy website. It's not a gambling website that works well on mobile per se, but actually an informative portal that provides many details on almost everything a person dicing with fortune could want.

Thailand is becoming one of the more progressive societies when it comes to the gentleman's pursuit of gambling. Now the problem is that no matter what device you're using to indulge in your gaming pleasure there is certainly a lot of confusion out there, particularly if you're coming from a western country and might be slightly mistrustful of the rising Eastern gambling markets. With a very slick and professional approach, 21 gaming attempts to not only alleviate your concerns but really guides you by the hand through the many complicated facets of choosing the right online casino to use on your net connected device.

Now what we're exactly looking at here is a very slick conduit to online gaming. A website or gambling service if you prefer that tries and succeeds in giving a lot of guidance for online gamblers and can even clear up some confusion as regarding which are the best casinos supported by mobile apps and information about particular websites that will let you know if it is worth your while to take a flutter using your smartphone or other device. They've certainly done a lot of research in establishing a very comprehensive database that gives you exclusive information on many of the best places to "invest" your gambling bucks. 21 winner provides gamblers with exclusive information on the most exciting and safe online casino, sportsbooks and poker sites in Asia. As a gambler you know that inside tips and information can really make a big difference, so we wish 21 winner all the best in their expansion on the web, mobile and beyond.


  1. My smartphone is actually full of games. I like playing kiddie games when I am bored or when I am so stressed out.

  2. First of all good casino app must have nice system of bonuses It is my favourite

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