Saturday 9 February 2013

How good are Idealcases?

Sat writing this blog post have you noticed how many modern day smartphones just look so similar? A work's Galaxy S2 is sat across from me on a black laminate table, and good looking phone or not, it's just so bland with little form appeal between it and the table! Not that I'm critiquing Samsung, my Galaxy S3 is far and away the best gadget I own (until Durango and Orbis surface of course). But... they all look the same!

Apple's patent wars continue to the detriment of the industry, but with most Smartphones these days. aside from some Windows and Nokia innovations generally going down the "everybody wants one in a dark , unobtrusive colour" route-I say generally because naturally there are exceptions. Still the fact is that a case is going to be the one shining light of your phone's drab, grey existence. Enter...IdealCases.

When first considering writing a review for the gadget case customization site I wasn't particularly excited. However coming through on the other side of the experience and my partner in swift possession of a high quality iPhone 4S case that has been completely customized I'm very impressed.

Your imagination is absolutely set free on Idealcases website, with many major products such as iPhones, Galaxy S3's, Kindles and iPads being supported. You're guided through the process of ordering and customizing your case, which I'm sure took me no more than ten minutes.

I'll let this picture from their website speak for itself! That's a lot of options to create your own case, which by the way is very sturdy and well made. What I particularly liked about the case I created is that it was a very simple procedure. I was even able to let the IdealCases site access my Facebook and pull pictures from there to use on the case. In my case some lovely family pictures were able to be used from my wife's Facebook page and she found herself with a beautiful case about two days later. As I said imagination can be greatly harnessed here with multiple layers added to base templates or a blank canvas to set forth and create.

So do our phone's all need to be bland and boring or at the best enjoy some soulless mass produced case? No, not with great providers like IdealCases around. Thanks for a great little family memento case.
My lovely family case as presented to my wife courtesy of IdealCases


  1. These are all lovely cases. Personalized ones are always the best.

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