Friday 8 February 2013

How powerful is the Wii U?

How powerful is the Wii U? With the mtion control of the original Wii no longer such a novelty we can only feel that Nintendo's stable of unigue and revered videogames won't be sufficient to increase the Wii U's popularity

The introduction of the tablet controller is all well and good but with Playstation 4 ( Orbis) and Xbox 720 just on the horizon,is Wii U again going to be an underpoweted machone compared to contemporary consoles?
 The IBM made three core processor is no slouch,but certainly not a beast,the real strength  of the Wii U internals was always rumoured to be its graphics processing. Sources of Wii U internal chip photography have enabled better understanding of jow powerful the Radeon graphics chip is. If the Gpu was to influnce Nintendo's best fixed index annuity stocks their fortunes would be on the wane. Orbis and Durango are more powerful on all levels. Here are the facts derived from analysis of Wii U polysilicon die GPU photos :the gpu is a close match to.the Radeon Hd 4650/4670.

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