Tuesday 5 February 2013

App to Help you learn another Language (French)

     Have you ever wanted to learn another language and  just didn't know how to get started or just couldn't afford it? With the help of SpeakOasis or officially SpeakOasis Learn French, those problems are almost solved (provided you have an Android Smartphone). It may sound too good to be true, and it almost is. Although the FREE version doesn't come with everything the full version does, it definitely has enough get you more than a little started. For example, you get at least 300 phrases. All phrases have and English and a French text and voice to read them in both languages to you. They are categorized quite neatly like general greetings, restaurant, and numbers.

           And of course all of these phrases wouldn't be worth much if the app wasn't executed well. The graphics are clean. This includes the buttons. Instead of randomly having to find that one phrase you forgot or are unsure of, you can use the search feature. There is even an in-app quiz feature for you to use. The FREE edition does not limit you very much at all in terms of features and usability. Although the English may be your default phone's voice, the French speaking is a crystal clear French ladie's voice(not a robot). It's like having your own personal teacher/tutor that doesn't put grades on your transcript, embarrass you in front of your class, uses a grade to put you down, constantly harass you, or punishes you. Learn what you want to learn when you want to learn it.

         I am not trying to say that after you get this, learning French will be easy. Although this smartphone app may make that much easier for you to learn it, you still have to meet it halfway and put the effort into learning it (unless you're one of those gifted who only have to hear/see something once in order to memorize it). In that case, I envy you.

    The smartphone application remembers which questions you get right in the quizzes. At the results screen of taking a quiz, you are also shown how often you choose the correct answer for each question from all your quizzes next to your recent performance. To make the quizzing effective, besides studying hard, you have to be honest with yourself and the app. The user inputs whether or not he or she got the answer correct. Don't worry, there is a show me, and read to me feature for the quizzes too. Oh and another great thing about the app, once it's downloaded it doesn't need or use the internet/data to run. Check out the official website at http://www.speakoasis.com.

         One small suggestion I would have for the developers at RaphaelW is to make it an option of showing the overall performance or history results without having to take the quiz again. 


        Although all that is included in the free version, if you are serious about learning and find that it works on you, then you can purchase the full version with over 800 more phrases. You can Download the app HERE from Google Play for Android devices. It's a BRAND NEW APP released in 2013. And to thank you for reading, here's an interesting snippet from the app description


 ★Introductory Price! Save 75%! Offer limited to the first 250 orders.★



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