Sunday 10 March 2013

Future Mobile UI:Sixth Sense

Having prognosticated into the future of mobile phones,I've come across the TED App as a massive source of inspiration for where mobile could be headed, perhaps in as little as the next five years. While I'm still of course getting great pleasure from my pin sharp Bravia engined true-HD Xperia Z after coming across Pranav Mistry's TED talk on his invented sixth sense technology I'm really blown away by the possibilites of what mobile could be very shortly.

definitely seek out the TED talk by Mistry where readily available technology is used to show how any surface can be used to interact with traditional mobile applications and other functions that are, for now, tethered to our touchscreens. The possibilities, beyond recreation are a mobile revolution, and even put the yet to be released Google Glass tech to shame. Imagine using just gestures to take photographs, without any device in your hand, use any surface to project your mobile screen, even use complicated devices like a milling machine while being totally untethered from your mobile!

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