Sunday, 10 March 2013

Lessons from the Asian Gaming and Mobile Market

As a Western App User you're probably not familiar with Kakao Talk, Tohoku Earthquake inspired "Line" or even the massively advertised Puzzle and Dragons.

It's not just asian casino games that are causing a stir across the East and making repercussions into the West, good as these eastern Gambling sites are the true online and technological ripples are being made by the seismic mind shift with apps like those we've mentioned. In fact apps like Kakao Talk , with 27 million daily users, have entered a new niche becoming in a way a platform unto themselves. This huge market penetrations, in all aspects of gaming, apps and gambling, shows how the Eastern market has regained their flair for game driven tech.

The case of Puzzle and Dragons also shows a change in the way this market is seeing their investment in apps . With national television slots and Tokyo-based Billboards advertising really bringing the medium to the masses( the top two advertisers on Japanese television are Mobile game companies), the sheer seriousness with which this medium is being taken puts the West's efforts to shame.

As the east has long been a hotbed for all types of gaming technology, many games and gamblers are starting to once again see Asian efforts as superior to Western ones. With particular reference to the Asian online casino gambling market as opposed to the burgeoning app market there are many current lessons that both similar industries are starting to exhibit which leads us to once again see the East as a better prospect for carrying on the banner of gaming in all forms. Professional standards, quirky well executed ideas, a passionate presence and great customer service all set them apart. With advertising that is starting to become global in nature it is certainly time to take notice of it.


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