Friday 15 March 2013

Travel Search Engine: Find the cheapest price!

Traveling is expensive. Gas prices have gone up like crazy. We all need to save all the money we can. With the Travel Search Engine app you can find the best rates to put your money to better use. The new smartphone application is a shortcut to the mobile version of to help you quickly start a search hundreds of sites(even competitors) for the cheapest hotels. Unlike most booking sites, doesn't hide hidden taxes and fees upon initial searches to post up a lower rate than the actual price. The Total Cost is automatically displayed to give you the true cost. You search for flights or hotels. On default the app takes you to a hotel search. To search for flights you can go to the bottom of the page to switch to flights.  

How do you know if the Travel Search Engine smartphone app will give you the best deals? In two comparison tests done in 2013, one with Priceline and one with Kayak, BestTravelCoupon came out the best option. Check out the results here.
 and here .

 Or you can download the app for FREE here from Google Play for Android devices or go the website via your computer's browser to compare the rates yourself. There's a good chance you'll be satisfied. Just make sure you don't get deceived by mosts sites method of not including taxes and fees in their listings. Do yourself and favor and give the mobile app a test drive. Again, even compares competitors prices such as, travelocity,, and out of 100's of sites so there isn't much to lose except for a few minutes to get the best price.  

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 Happy Travelings. 

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