Thursday 14 March 2013

Stop Smoking Today: You'll be Glad you Did

    If you've gotten to this article it probably means you are looking for some help on quitting smoking. An app called Stop Smoking Today may help you quit smoking. It probably won't happen in one day. And one day doesn't really count yet, but it may be a big step depending on your situation. For those who want to access this kind of information and are a little slower when browsing on your smartphone you can use this app to make your searches a lot easier. The smartphone application contains articles with relevant data. It's easy to navigate and use. Shortcuts and labels are make it easy to find and access valuable information.

I cannot confirm what is causing the videos to not work for my phone. There could be some compatibility issues with my specific device.

Suggestions for future updates:
     For the list of chemicals, maybe have the chemicals indented by at least a space or two. Having the bullet points all the way touching the left end of the screen seems a little odd.  Also another thing that could be done is list a few things some of the chemicals are also used in. Most people wouldn't recognize those items on those list. Relating a chemical to an item gives a better idea of what they are. Although there are photos included to get users thinking, including more would make the app feel more complete. This is the first version of the app so these things could be addressed in future updates. The list of products to help you stop smoking are good. However they could be more convincing by posting reasons and comparisons, besides the product description, to justify why the specific products were chosen out of many (unless it is widely known in the smoking or former smoking community that these products are highly effective).

All in all the developer(s) at Jacksonville Web Design have brought smartphone users a new tool for stopping a dangerous habit. Articles have their source listed if you want to do further research into a specific article and it's credibility.  You can find it FREE on Google Play for Android devices at here. This collection of information may be just what you need towards living a healthier life.

Good Luck

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