Sunday 28 April 2013

Farting App

        Do you find farts hilarious or funny? If so then here is a farting app for you. It's name is FartDroid and it's loaded with fart sounds. Not a just a couple so it can call itself that. With a wide selection of 34 default farts and more in the fart of the month archive you'll definitely find some farts that you haven't heard of (unless you have way too much experience on this topic already). This app isn't new with over 1 million installs. With that many downloads a Google Play rating of 4.3 out of 5 is pretty good and reliable. It's had time to polish up and increase its features. Examples include a Countdown Timer(Fart Time Bomb?) a Fart recorder to record your own personal farts, search features and filters for other peoples farts that have been submitted, motion and sound activated farts. Some of the farts you won't like but I believe the goal was to provide you with different kinds of farts so that you will be able to find at least one fart that you can "enjoy". 

It did lightened up my mood a bit when I found it awkward that I was pressing a bunch of buttons on my phone to listen to fart noises. 

     The smartphone app is provided by the developers at NeatoFun.  The buttons and menu navigation are clear and simple to use. Press and hold a fart button to open up some options. Tap the 3 dots next to the share button on the top right of the screen to go to a menu and see what else the app has to offer.  You can download the Android app here for FREE.

      There is a fix I would like to suggest. The sound effects for Warm and Warm Fuzzy sound the very similar. Fuzzy lasts a bit longer but it's hard to notice without paying too much attention. This should had been picked up by now. Another suggestion would be to have the "sharing" feature share the sound (perhaps mp3) instead of just sending a link to the apps Google Play page with the name of the specific fart. These two things were also picked up by two of the last 3 reviews on Google Play Russ Arnett (March 19, 2013) and eric moeller (February 15, 2013) respectively.  As someone else on google play stated, the alarm doesnt work(I lost the page of the reviewer). I tested this out myself and found that the alarm function does sort of work. When you press "set as alarm" it doesn't change's the phones default alarm (or create an alarm) to that sound. Instead the app adds it to your phones list of alarms so you can choose to use it. You then have to manually create an alarm and select that sound from the list. Maybe some other features function in a similar way. However I would like to point out that these are extra features. The main purposes of the app, to have and play sounds with a timer for those immature childish moments/pranks/tricks are there.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. This is one hilarious and funny app. Well, just make sure you don't use this during meal time. Everyone's surely gonna lose their appetite.


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