Wednesday 1 May 2013

Toys 3D Parking (App test) First Impressions

      I've tried a few parking apps before (planes included). And parking was extremely difficult due to odd controls. One app that doesn't have that problem is Toys 3D Parking. Practice parking with different toy vehicles in a toy obstacle course. It's levels(stages) definitely reminds me of Andy's room from the Toy Story franchise. You get up to three crashes per try. The amount of crashes takes away from your rating out of 3 stars for each level. I haven't thoroughly tried the app so I'll call this a test instead of a full review. Use your accelerometer to steer. Shift between drive and reverse. Control a RC Monster Truck and an RC Schoolbus.

    One interesting aspect of this Android app is that you don't just drive slightly different vehicles that look slightly different. According to the Google Play app description there will be a larger variety of non gas guzzling forms of transportation in future updates coming soon. I've only tried the car and bus. They drive differently in terms of handling and where their buttons are on the screen. This altered button layout contributes to each type of vehicle having it's own feel and giving you a different driving experience. At first I wanted the car(truck) to have Xperia Play Optimized controls, however I'm not sure how that would work for the other machines.The camera features are neat but I've always liked my behind the shoulder type of angle. Directional arrows on the floor are well placed. Parking spots are clear and established.

    The smartphone app doesn't have a sensitivity setting (although it's set to a pretty well rounded one already). A suggestion I would have for future updates would be to include background music to give it more liveliness. Perhaps some voices cheering you on as you pretend to be a toddler maneuvering toys around. The main menu is quiet...too quiet. Something should tell the ears of the users "Welcome to our amazing app!" (maybe not those words exactly but music with a similar theme or message). Another very small improvement I could see is making the Gray text (in the title screen and logo) stand out more. Currently there are no sounds when making a selection (at least have one for the level selection). A sound effect should also convey "finish" or ta-da or mission complete up a successful park. Although it is an RC game perhaps a Hot Wheels type of racing or stunt track could be added.The Crash/ Game Over menu could be in a frame with borders. Just for fun maybe include an option between using the current realistic motor sounds and an RC toy type of sounds. If things get crazy then an RC Helicopter can drastically change the playing field. A less crazy change would be to add headlights and taillights that light up.

Don't get any wrong ideas with my long jibber jabber of suggestion ideas. That's just how I am.  I see a lot of potential in the already good app. The smartphone application is very well designed and polished for such early versions of the app. The developers at Studio 3wg look like they are listening and working on improving the app even further. "Test" out this app and maybe you can give them an idea or two of what you look forward to. Download the FREE app HERE from Google Play.

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