Saturday, 6 April 2013

Jungle Birds (Smartphone App Review)

      There is a long line of line runner games. This is one of them and it's called Jungle Birds. It a brand new smartphone FREE application on Google Play for Android devices. You guide or help a toucan fly through the jungle and collect fruits along the way. The game keeps track of how far you get. Collect power ups to spice up the journey. Once a power up is collected it automatically activates. Avoid contact with snakes vines and the top and bottom edge of the touchscreen.

      The menu's / user interface are clear and user friendly. You only use the bottom two fifths of the screen as input. The input or touching the screen makes your toucan fly. Not touching the screen makes the bird stop flapping and fall or glide downwards. Catch three of the same items consecutively (in a row) to get that fruits power up. This is extremely challenging to do. Not all obstacles are stationary. The occasional arrow tries to bring an end to you. Hint: No one fruit is worth dying for. If catching a fruit means you have to take risks or alter your path of flight then don't do it.  Although the game is simple to understand and play, I don't think the game starts off that easy.

Who is shooting those arrows?
Suggestions for future updates
     There is little room for error or adjustments in your flight pattern. Perhaps for more casual players the game can make the bird smaller and/or increase the breathing room between dangerous vines and snakes. If I was a bird or flying like an angel I would like some freedom to spread my wings a little and feel like I'm agile. These would increase it's playability even further. Maybe add a little story page and give the main character a reason to fly and get objects. Another possibility is to explain who is shooting the arrows and/or why there are so many evil snakes. 

     Jungle Birds is brought to you by the developer(s) at Neqoo. (They also have a couple Pokemon coloring apps). You can download this bird game here for FREE. Thanks for stopping by.



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